1. Therapy

    I am licensed as a psychotherapist (for adults) in the guideline procedure behavioural therapy and I am registered in the Kassenaerztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein.

    In the beginning, therapy sessions last 50 minutes and usually take place weekly or if necessary, twice a week. Towards the end of therapy, we might extend the time between meetingsand havefortnightly or monthly sessions.

    The duration of the therapy depends on your individual problems and your therapy goals (short-term therapy 24 sessions, long-term therapy up to 80 sessions).

  2. Coaching

    Coaching is a solution- and goal-oriented consulting process in the professional or private environment and has the goal of promoting personal development, restoring or increasing performance, improving self-management skills and increasing the ability to (self-)reflect. I value precise clarification of the assignment and an agreement on objectives at the beginning and subsequent regular success monitoring.

    I accompany and support you in the realization of your goals with methods from different directions such as systemic coaching, transactional analysis and modern behavioral therapy.

  3. Training

    The incapacity to work due to mental illness has increased rapidly in recent years. Companies therefore face the challenge to prevent mental illness, to identify it as early as possible in order to be able to promptly approach those affected and provide appropriate assistance.

    It is my wish to train companies, managers, employees and consultants in the field of clinical psychology. The focus of a seminar/lecture can be on prophylaxis, the recognition of mental disorders or the development of resources for action and communication in order to be able to deal adequately with those affected.


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