About me

  • Dipl.-Psych-Leander-Vivian-Dehm

My education and training

  • Psychotherapist
    Approbation by the District Government of Cologne
  • Behavioural therapist
    Academy for Behavioural Therapy, AVT Cologne
  • Additional professional certificate for progressive muscle relaxation, Autogenic training and hypnosis
    Academy for Behavioural Therapy, AVT Cologne
  • Systemic Therapist and Consultant (SG)
    Certified by the Systemic Society (SG), German Association for Systemic Research, Therapy, Supervision and Counselling e.V. (MAGST, Dr. Bernd Schumacher)
  • Diploma in psychology (minor in business administration)
    University of Mannheim, San Diego State University
  • Training in Motivational Interviewing
    San Diego State University, Prof. Dr. John E. Martin
  • Systemic Coach and Consultant
    Institute for Systemic Consulting, Dr. Bernd Schmid
  • NLP master (INLPTA)
    Landsiedel Consulting, Dipl. Psych. Stephan Landsiedel

My professional experience

  • Opened my own practice in 2014
  • Freelance work as a psychotherapist
  • Outpatient behavioural therapy in two teaching practices of the Academy for Behavioral Therapy (AVT) in Cologne
  • Therapeutic work in an LVR clinic, department of psychiatry and psychotherapy in inpatient and day-care settings
  • Therapeutic work with Motivational Interviewing at San Diego State University
  • Many years of experience as personnel developer and personnel consultant in various companies
  • Since 2000 training on various topics (including dealing with mentally ill people within a company, the professional handling of mental disorders in day-to-day consulting, communication training for managers and employees, conflict management, change management, project management)

Lectureships and professional associations

teaching assignment

  • From 2013-2015 lecturer at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln teaching the course “Clinical Psychology” in the Faculty of Economics & Law
  • Since 2015 lecturer at the University Hospital Cologne giving specialist training for psychiatry and psychotherapy

Memberships in the following professional associations

  • DPtV German Psychotherapists Association
  • SG Systemische Gesellschaft – German Association for Systemic Research, Therapy, Supervision and Counselling
  • North Rhine-Westphalia State Chamber of Psychotherapists






  1. Therapy

    I am licensed as a psychotherapist (for adults) in the guideline procedure behavioural therapy and I am registered in the Kassenaerztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein.

    In the beginning, therapy sessions last 50 minutes and usually take place weekly or if necessary, twice a week. Towards the end of therapy, we might extend the time between meetingsand havefortnightly or monthly sessions.

    The duration of the therapy depends on your individual problems and your therapy goals (short-term therapy 24 sessions, long-term therapy up to 80 sessions).

  2. Coaching

    Coaching is a solution- and goal-oriented consulting process in the professional or private environment and has the goal of promoting personal development, restoring or increasing performance, improving self-management skills and increasing the ability to (self-)reflect. I value precise clarification of the assignment and an agreement on objectives at the beginning and subsequent regular success monitoring.

    I accompany and support you in the realization of your goals with methods from different directions such as systemic coaching, transactional analysis and modern behavioral therapy.

  3. Training

    The incapacity to work due to mental illness has increased rapidly in recent years. Companies therefore face the challenge to prevent mental illness, to identify it as early as possible in order to be able to promptly approach those affected and provide appropriate assistance.

    It is my wish to train companies, managers, employees and consultants in the field of clinical psychology. The focus of a seminar/lecture can be on prophylaxis, the recognition of mental disorders or the development of resources for action and communication in order to be able to deal adequately with those affected.


Working method

My personal approach

The point of departure in my work is to gain an understanding of the problems areas and symptoms you are currently experiencing. A comprehensive psychological diagnosis may help to classify the symptoms and clarify the type and extent of the existing disorder(s). It is important to me to understand exactly how a problem or disorder was first triggered and which factors are responsible for their perpetuation. I think it is important to listen carefully and to look closely in order to understand you as an individual within the context of your personal learning and life experiences.

Taking into account your personal experiences and your goals as well as what initially triggered and is now responsible for the persistence of your problems, an individual strategy will be designed that takes into account your current needs as well as your very own strengths and resources. Depending on your focus, the therapy / coaching should help you to learn new behavioural patterns, to change cognitions or to learn how to deal with them better, to have more control over your emotions and to encourage you to make new experiences, to overcome problems and to achieve your personal goals.

A good working relationship in which you can open up and we can trust each other and you feel that you are in good hands is crucial for success. In an initial meeting we can find out together whether we can establish a good working relationship and you can get a first impression of me and how I work.

Treatment philosophy

I work with well-established methods the effectiveness of which have been scientifically proven. A scientific basis and lifelong learning is very important to me. That’s why I regularly take part in advanced training courses, exchange ideas with colleagues, read current technical literature and regularly sit with my supervisor. In this way I try to keep up to date with the latest research, to constantly expand my competences and to ensure the quality of my work.

I mainly use methods from behavioural therapy (e.g. Schema Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, exposure to anxieties and constraints, training of social skills, metacognitive approaches, EMDR etc.), but I also integrate approaches from other directions into my work, such as systemic therapy/coaching, which always views stressful symptoms and behavior patterns in the overall context of a complex system of relationships. I consider this integrative therapeutic procedure, in which depending on the indication, I draw on different treatment strategies, to be a valuable addition.

In my work I value appreciation, respect for the personal life story of my client and an open, trusting approach as well as transparency in the therapeutic process. My personal approach is characterized by a resource- and solution-oriented attitude. It is important for me to be a tangible and authentic counterpart to you and also to lighten up the sessions with humour. I see myself as a companion and support on your journey towards your goals and towards more meaningfulness, inner satisfaction and more quality of life.


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